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Do you enjoy Gardening ?  
Would you like to learn more about growing - Flowers ?  Vegetables ?  Fruit ?  Trees ? 
Are you frustrated by - Weeds ?  Pests ?  Bad Weather ?  Lack of Time ?
Would you like to share your Gardening experiences and concerns with others ?
Would you like to grow prize winning flowers,  vegetables and fruit ?
Do you enjoy taking photographs of your garden and around St. Albert ?
Would you like to visit other member's Gardens and to meet other Gardeners ?
Would you like to participate in one of the most rewarding hobbies for your spare time ?
 Are you concerned about our Environment ?
Joining our club would give you an opportunity to meet other gardeners, both inexperienced and experienced, to share their triumphs, disappointments and their problems in a friendly social atmosphere and to learn from others with more expertize and experience in a wide range of horticultural matters.

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